Men's Shirt Guide

Shirts, whether for business or formal occasions, are important as an expression of the style and elegance of a fashion conscious man. Even in everyday use as business attire, it is important to choose a shirt that suits you well.

The parts of a shirt

 The collar

The collar is an important part of a man's shirt. It is the most visible part of the shirt and also  frames the face. The size of a shirt is determined by the circumference of the neck. There are various types of collar and the choice depends on the personal preferences or the shape of the face, and the type of knot used for the tie. So for instance, narrow knots go better with collars with a sharper point, but for a larger knot the collar should be wider and more open. Men with long faces should wear a wide collar with shorter points, whilst men with round faces should choose a shirt with a narrow collar and longer, sharper points. Collars may also be divided into two basic categories: the classic turn-down collar for business shirts, and the wing collar for formal shirts.

CROATA business shirts, with open collars (the models: Andrija and Ivan), medium open and pointed (Luka) and open, small collars (Matej). CROATA formal shirts have classical turn-down collars (Domagoj and Jakov), wing collars (Bartolomej) and Russian collars (Pavao and Filip).


Cuffs are also an important part of a shirt, which define a man’s style. There are two basic types of cuff: a single cuff with one or two buttons, and a double cuff with cufflinks. The first is usual for business shirts, the second for more formal occasions. Shirts with a classical turn-down collar and double cuffs with cufflinks are also worn for business occasions, and demonstrate the higher fashion consciousness of the man, who pays particular attention to his classical style of dress. 

You can find CROATA business shirts with single/rounded cuffs (Andrija), single/angled cuffs (Ivan), and double (two buttons)/rounded cuffs (Luka and Matej). CROATA formal shirts have double cuffs (Domagoj, Bartolomej and Pavao).


The most important thing about shirt sleeves is that they must come down to the wrists. For taller men, shirts with longer sleeves are recommended. The type of cuff is also important for the overall appearance of the shirt on the man, and which depends on one’s personal preferences, but also the occasion for which the shirt is being chosen.


Shirts may be with or without pockets. Business shirts may have pockets, which are more a fashion detail and have no useful function for holding objects. Pockets are not recommended for formal shirts.

You may find CROATA business shirts with a pocket (Andrija) or without pockets (Ivan, Luka and Matej). CROATA formal shirts do not have pockets. 

 The cloth

The cloth is a very important element of a shirt, which affects the overall impression and quality of the shirt. 100% cotton cloth is recommended for shirts. The type of weave and the quality of the thread in particular affect the look of the cloth and the shirt itself. The most common types of cloth for shirts are: 

POPLIN  – a horizontal plain weave, giving smooth and soft textured cloth 
OXFORD – cloth with thicker threads, some going in one direction that are colored and in the other direction they are white, giving the cloth its characteristic appearance. Royal Oxford is an especially fine form of Oxford cloth.
TWILL – a diagonal weave, with shiny threads giving a rich texture, mostly used for plain colored shirts. This cloth often has a herring-bone pattern giving the cloth an even richer appearance.

Cloth for shirts may be additionally treated. The final treatments of the cloth give an additional feeling of comfort and freshness when wearing the shirt, and ensure simple care. The most common treatments of cloth are “easy iron” and “non-wrinkle”.
For formal shirts, cloth with a shiny effect is recommended, giving the shirt a special look, appropriate for formal occasions.

CROATA shirts are made from top quality fabric, 100% cotton. There are shirts available with different weaves, depending on the collection, season and trends. The CROATA Brijuni range includes shirts made from especially fine weaves, using a special 2-ply weave, and non-wrinkle shirts.

 Size and fit

When choosing a shirt, special care should be given to choosing the right size and fit to suit the man’s body best. The sizes of shirts are determined by two measurements: the size of the collar, or the circumference of the neck, and the length of the sleeves. The chest and waist sizes are also important. The collar size must ensure that the buttons on the collar can be easily fastened. The length of the sleeves should reach to the wrists.

Depending on the shape of the body, but also personal preference, three fits are most common: comfort, straight and narrow. The comfort fit is wide and usually has an additional fold on the back. The straight fit has no gussets, and the narrow fit has one or more gussets. 

You can find CROATA business shirts in a wide/comfort fit (Andrija), a straight fit (Ivan), slightly structured (Luka) and a narrow fit (Matej).  CROATA formal shirts are cut straight.  

 Shirts in the Wardrobe

For everyday business wear, a man should have at least 10 to 12 shirts in his wardrobe. This will be sufficient for a five-day working week, plus reserve shirts. It is recommended that shirts are worn only once after each wash. Shirts come into the category of underwear since they are in direct contact with the body.

We recommend that you have at least two white shirts in your wardrobe, and a plain light blue or beige or grey shirt, which are part of your basic attire and are easily combined with ties or suits. Narrow stripes are also a basic classic, for example blue on white cloth. It is recommended that you supplement your wardrobe every season with one of the latest fashion colors (purple, brown etc.)