Sponsorships and Donations


CROATA is an exclusive fashion brand which promotes enrichment of Croatian and world-wide cultural and historical heritage.

CROATA through its sponsorships and donations supports numerous organizations and institutions and events, mostly cultural and educational, every year.

We supports projects and events internationally.

Most of donations and sponsorships are given through the products of brand CROATA.


Requests for sponsorships and donations:
Marketing division constantly gets all the requests for sponsorship and donations.
The request has to be sent at least 30 days before estimated date of maintenance or beginning of project foreseen to be sponsored or donated.

All of your requests are supposed to be sent by e-mail to web address:
marketing@croata.hr .
In case you are not able to send your request by e-mail, you can send it by mail to:

Potomac d.o.o.

for Marketing department

Kaptol 13, 10 000 Zagreb, Croatia

"For sponsorships and donations"

Marketing department will contact you in 30 days with instructions about sponsorship and donation approval process in case:

- the request has been sent in time (at least 30 days) before estimated date of maintenance or beginning of the project foreseen to be sponsored or donated

- we are capable of apprpve sponsorship or donation considering anticipated budget for community investments during current year

In case all the conditions are not futfilled, your request unfortunately will not be considered.

We want to thank you for your trust and interest for CROATA and wish you all the best in your future business.