SUMMER in CROATIA: 7 reasons for including CROATA into your itinerary


You have planned your trip to Croatia this summer and as usual you have informed yourself about all the things you want to take back home as an authentic souvenir to remind you of the trip of your life.

In Croatian offering, there is so many authentic products to choose from that make your job of picking the right one quite difficult.

In Istria do not hesitate to try the vine from the famous Meneghetti vinery and take a bottle, or two, back home. If you like the handmade lace you can get it on the beautiful picturesque island of Pag. While staying on that part of Dalmatia, do not forget to try the Pag cheese produced from the milk of Pag sheep.  Surely you would also want to take back home some more excellent wines.  Gegić is a white vine native to the Island of Pag and its surroundings.

Going down to the south of the coast you will arrive to the city of Zadar - take a bottle of Cherry liqueur from Zadar called Maraschino. Its sweet fullness of taste will be a pleasant surprise.

In Šibenik you can buy The Šibenik Hat as one of the most recognizable symbols of the town itself. Over the last century it stabilized in an orange colour with characteristic black embroided decorations. It is basically a very old popular tradition.

Dried fruit like figs or great extra virgin olive oil would be surely a good choice.

You see, you have a choice, but what is the real Croatian must-have?

In the cities of Zagreb, Split, Dubrovnik and Rijeka you will find well known famous shops marked CROATA.


Why are tons of people walking with CROATA black shiny bags? Why is that so?

As the most of the world is aware of – Croatia is a homeland of the cravat (a necktie), and just as the cravat became a synonym for Croatia, CROATA became a synonym for the cravat.

Why should you take some of the CROATA products back home?

  1. You are buying a luxury Croatian brand.
  2. You are buying a cravat or a scarf that tells a story. Each of CROATA creations carries echoes of the past through the unique designs inspired by the Croatian and world cultural heritage.
  3. While wearing it – you are showing a universal symbol of dignity, respect, and self-awareness as well as love, ceremony and business success
  4. CROATA cravats (neckties), scarves and shawls are all 100% made from the finest silk.
  5. There is almost no way that you will see someone else wearing the same cravat or a silk scarf as you are – CROATA has many patterns to choose from, but they are all made in limited editions.
  6. CROATA has the special cravat lines. There are some of them made by threading from 24k gold laminates!
  7. Each cravat and scarf is handcrafted to perfection.

Each time you tie your cravat or a scarf - remember Croatia – the homeland of the cravat.

Enjoy your shopping, enjoy Croatia!


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CROATIA – so much more than a nature!

CROATIA – so much more than a nature! A country that gave a fashion accent to the whole world



ZAGREB, OKTOGON Did you know the Croatia is a homeland of a cravat?



DRESS SHIRT STORY SHE IS PERFECT. SHE HAS A STORY It is a story being told by a CROATA Dubrovnik shirt



INFO All of you who have tried to reach us we inform you we have changed the phone number.



JAPANESE CHOIR OF KWANSEI GAKUIN IN CROATA TIES Connection between Croatian arias and Japanese students is already well known.


Emmy Award winner Ashley Colburn embraced Zagreb in silk

 Emmy Award winner Ashley Colburn embraced Zagreb in silk Every time I tie Croata scarf around my neck it seems like I've tied myself to a land in which I've fallen in love. And it's trendy too! – stated Ashley with a smile on her face.


The CROATA brand in the boutique of the most luxurious Residential yacht "The World ''

CROATA exclusive line is a big hit in the boutique of the most luxurious Residential yacht - The World!


Shop Museum

Shop Museum mounted in CROATA’s shop in Rijeka – a new tourist attraction in the city.


Cravat Day-18 October 2013

This year for the first time a performance entitled "Scarf – secret Cravat" was put on, a new art project by Marijan Bušić.



This summer, Croata is pleased to present its luxury line of kaftans, providing every woman with an opportunity to show her true sensuality and femininity. Remarkable Croatian actress Jelena Perčin is the cover girl of Croata kaftans.


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