Shop Museum

Academia Cravatica introduced in CROATA’s shops a unique Shop Museum concept, which was unveiled for the first time in the world in the summer of 2008 in CROATA’s shop in Split's Peristyle, and evaluated by experts at the 2008 conference The Best in Heritage held in Dubrovnik and at the First European Company Museum Forum held in Milan the same year. The mere fact that this unique concept was invited and presented alongside only several elite global brands like Ferrari, Ducati, Siemens, Guinness and Sony was recognition in itself.

The Shop Museum concept is an example of a museum display presented to a wide international museum community as a model of a specific type of a shop inspired by the local heritage.

The second such shop in the world, CROATA’s shop in Korzo in Rijeka, tells a story about the tie, its history and meaning in the exhibition entitled From History and Prehistory of the Tie. Any object becomes interesting when there is a person behind it; the same is true for the tie. The content of the exhibition is related to the city of Rijeka and its surroundings, and it is centred around the representative historical figures: the entrepreneur, builder and cultural patron Ljudevit Adamić and the composer Ivan pl. Zajc.

The combination of text and picture presents, in the first place, the persons and their work, and then the theme is developed, focusing on their connections with other historical figures and events. The inevitable aesthetic element is aimed at sending out an attractive and clear visual signal; the cast busts – original works of art by the sculptor Petar Ujević – are used for the display of the replicas of ties, and they are, in fact, hidden triggers for the development of the narrative in a multitude of ways.

The role of narrow vertical mirrors separating the Croatian from the English text and connecting the central figures (Zajc and Adamić) and the replicas of their respective ties is to involve the visitors because they highlight their personality and their individual beauty.

Replicas of the aquarelles by Nikola Arsenijević, a self-taught painter who was visiting different regions in mid 19th century and painting people in traditional clothes are also on exhibition. The Kvarner region was no exception and therefore in these paintings we can see (if we take into consideration the longevity of some parts of traditional clothes) a sort of a forerunner of the tie, known in this region as facoli.

The attractiveness and the uniqueness of the Shop museum is the confirmation of the dedication of the CROATA brand to creativity and innovation, and to creating global trends and affirming local values.




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