Emmy Award winner Ashley Colburn embraced Zagreb in silk


Producer and TV journalist Ashley Colburn comes from San Diego, USA. She loves Croatia and its people and for a long time she became a regular guest. She visited Croatia for the first time in 2008. while shooting "WOW Croatia" for which she won the prestigious Emmy Award in 2010. After that she began to feel here at home: she filmed a travel series'' Take Off With Ashley Colburn ''premiered on WealthTV that has taken her in over 25 countries on six continents in over two seasons of broadcasting, in 2011. she won the "Golden Pen" by HTZ granted to foreign journalists for the promotion of Croatian tourism, she also filmed '' the Wonders of Croatia'' . This year, however she is filming a project'' Discover Croatia - Legends of Croatia'' on the Croatian coast, which began June 16th in Sibenik - Knin County and ends June 26th in Dubrovnik – Neretva county.

Ashley Colburn is a California native who calls San Diego home when she is not traveling around the world. Her desire for travel started at an early age and developed during the education in Spain. She began her career as a presenter, producer and reporter on Wealth TV 2009.

Filming the project is not the only activity Ashley did this summer - in her dense schedule she managed to take some time and devote it to Croatian fashion brand for the purpose of shooting  a scarf campaign that she also wears personaly.

 I had no doubt, I immediately agreed. They remind me of Croatia - on her sea, rivers, tradition, mountains, people. Somehow, whenever I tie a Croata scarf around my neck it's like I'm tying to a land in which I fallen in love. And they are trendy  too! - Ashley says, smiling. 

Ashley is young, capable, educated and confident woman who lives life to the fullest. She knows what she wants - and what she wants she often gets. So it's no wonder that she represents Croata silk scarves and shawls. You know, Croata used an unusual way to spread the story about the cravat all over the world and made Croatia – homeland of the cravat -  recognizable in the world.  On the other hand - Ashley too presented Croatia as the homeland of the cravat to the world – that's why we make a perfect combination! – Croata told us with pride. Today, this unusual collaboration recalls that the scarf tied into a knott, was actually the first tie, and his colors and tenderness of the silk material were embodied by Ashley on the beautifull and feminine way!  

Photographer was Miro Martinić, hair was done by studio Dessange, and for make-up was responsible Danijela Pal.

Ashley is not like other women her age, her home is a globe, her friends are scattered all over the world and she handles everything perfectly. With a schedule without any free time she does not stay anywhere longer than a week and it's mission impossible to tie her, unless if you are using Croata scarves - then it is quite possible - in countless ways.

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