CROATIA – so much more than a nature!

Croatia – so much more than a nature!  A country that gave a fashion accent to the whole world

Imagine a land where trees froth with blossoms, fields are speckled gold with wildflowers, mountains reach up to the clouds and clear blue sea is dazzling your spirit.


Have you ever visited Dubrovnik? Then look to inland Istria, terra magica for the Romans, terra incognita for foreigners. Would you like to visit the interior of the Istrian vineyards on the Pelješac peninsula or visit the dreamy Vis where tourism is yet to be? Done Brač and the islands? There are pristine highlands where bears roam and griffon vultures soar; and there is continental Croatia, as picturesque as an eastern European folk tale.

In a country that was created on the legacy of the Romans, the Venetians and the Habsburgs, many traces of the past invite you to start your tour.

Fall in love with Croatia, fall in love with its 1180 islands.


Rich cultural heritage that ranges from old, historical cities in European style like the capital city Zagreb to towns of rare beauty, like Rovinj that is directly overlooking the sea, and the medieval towns of Trogir and Hvar. And how to forget Split with its gorgeous Diocletian's Palace that is protected by Unesco.

There are pristine highlands where bears roam and griffon vultures soar; and there is continental Croatia, as picturesque as an eastern European folk tale.

But few of these cities and towns can really compete wit the harmony of Dubrovnik. Dubrovnik is a Croatian city on the south. It combines medieval and Renaissance architecture.


Last, but not least, for all nature lovers, there are plenty of parks and wild mountains where you can admire geologic formations (like in the National Park of Paklenica) or visit the National Park of Plitvice with its 16 lakes and the stunning waterfalls (another site protected by Unesco), and the National Park of Krka.


It all sounds nice, doesn’t it? But what would you say if I told you that this country has one more interesting and shocking fact to offer? It is a fact that this country holds the whole world by the neck!

Sounds hursh, but it’s true!


You probably already know the cravat, or necktie originated here. According to legend, girlfriends and wives, when seeing off their boyfriends and husbands to many imposed and detested wars, used to tie a kerchief around their neck to remind them of them and give them strength and courage.


Lets take a leap into the past… The year is 1630. 

The European Thirty Years’ War is raging. Croatian light cavalry, famous for their exceptional bravery, is being recruited into the French Royal Guard. In addition to military skills and courage, the Croatian light cavalry were also noted for their one original detail - they wore scarves tied around their necks - which was noticed by the fashionably sophisticated Parisians.  You see, in that time soldiers wore stiff high lace collars so it's no wonder that the Croatian scarves –simple, airy and elegantly tied in a knot, were accepted at the court of King Louis 13.

Yeas, you’ve guessed it correctly – that was the first tie.

The cravat, as a sign of dignity and civility, courtesy and ceremony, soon conquered the current civil fashion and

first won over Europe, then America, and now the entire world.


No wonder that now, when travelling through Croatia you can find shops with collections of the best cravats in the world. They are being made out of the best 100% silk and handcrafted to perfection. This fashion brand is called Croata. Its founder Marijan Bušić produced an impressive project the whole world has seen – the cravat around Arena. He used kilometers and kilometers of fabric in form of a cravat (a necktie) and tied it around an ancient building to show the world the importance of a cravat. And he succeeded! This cultural project entered the Book of Guinness records and show the world that Croatia has a lot to offer.

Now, Croata is the leading producer of silk gourmets and enjoys a great reputation in the world.

So, when you put CROATA cravat or a scarf around your neck, you wrap all the Croatian islands, mountains, sea and lakes, all the people, love stories and traditional customs around your neck.

There is just something about Croatia that grabs on dearly and refuses to let go.

And when a dream that you are dreaming finishes - let the cravat or scarf around your neck remind you that the atmosphere and people once met will always remain fresh in your memory just like Croatia. Just like cravat. 

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Emmy Award winner Ashley Colburn embraced Zagreb in silk

 Emmy Award winner Ashley Colburn embraced Zagreb in silk Every time I tie Croata scarf around my neck it seems like I've tied myself to a land in which I've fallen in love. And it's trendy too! – stated Ashley with a smile on her face.


The CROATA brand in the boutique of the most luxurious Residential yacht "The World ''

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Shop Museum mounted in CROATA’s shop in Rijeka – a new tourist attraction in the city.


Cravat Day-18 October 2013

This year for the first time a performance entitled "Scarf – secret Cravat" was put on, a new art project by Marijan Bušić.



This summer, Croata is pleased to present its luxury line of kaftans, providing every woman with an opportunity to show her true sensuality and femininity. Remarkable Croatian actress Jelena Perčin is the cover girl of Croata kaftans.


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