Cleaning & maintainance


 A cravat can't be washed. Different parts of tie (envelope, lining, interlining), made of different materials, won't shrink the same way, and the tie gets ruined.

 High-quality dry cleaning is the only option.

 To extend life of silk cravat, it should never be too tightly knotted and should be completely and carefully undone after wearing, then hung. The force of gravity relaxes the fibers and decreases wrinkles.

 A tie should not be worn two days in a row. A tie should be given a rest.

 To avoid ironing, a wrinkled tie can be hung in a steamy bathroom, then laid flat to dry. 

 The cravat should be stored in the dark so light won’t fades a tie’s colors.

 The cravat should be hung in a closet from hanger or tie hanger. It could be also in the drawer but large enough to hold them unfolded.
 A tie case, preferably leather or silk one, can be used in a suitcase for travel. 



 All CROATA shirts, regardless of their structure, are made of high quality cotton material and may be washed at 60ºC.

 To ensure long life, softness and to reduce shrinkage, it is recommended that shirts should be washed at lower temperatures without spinning. The quality of the shirt may be reduced by heat and mechanical treatment in a drier.

 For your CROATA shirt to retain its excellent appearance, after washing it, hang it on a hanger and allow it to drip dry. In this way the shirt will require minimum ironing.